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Covid 19 Practice safeguard update

I would like to reassure all of our clients that under these unprecedented times we are continuing to operate as normal as possible and we are doing all we can to assist and advise our clients. Our office remained open last week with half of the team working from home where we received a large volume of calls regarding peoples concerns over the continuity of their business and cash-flow constraints. We responded to these concerns providing tailored individual advice where possible.

We do not know the finer detail of how the new emergency packages being released by the government will be implemented in practice but at least the packages give some comfort and I am sure we will learn more of the finer detail in the coming weeks.

In order to protect our employees, clients, our community and to help slow the spread of the Corona Virus we will be implementing social distancing measures immediately as follows;

  • Meetings in person will be suspended until further notice. However meetings will continue to be held via video conferencing and telephone.
  • The office will be closed to the general public until further notice.
  • We will implement working from home procedures so that we can continue to provide our clients with the help and advice they need.
  • The office and phones will be manned by a skeleton crew to ensure vital parts of the business continue running whilst observing social distancing procedures. To ensure we can assist you as quickly as possible, we recommend sending your questions via email as opposed to using the phone.
  • Arrangements for the collection and return of books and records can be made by ringing or emailing the office and obtaining a dedicated time slot together with procedures.

We all need to practice social distancing effectively and Covid 19 is presenting all of us with many challenges but we are all in this together and by working together we can get through this.

More updates and advice will follow through the Website and Facebook in the coming weeks.

Stay safe

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